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Sure you do, if you want film pictures! About 6 months ago my sister-in-law got married. They hired a professional photographer, who brought a DSLR with one of those long lenses that screams "pro photographer." There were several others there shooting pictures with DSLRs and even digital P&S. I was the only one shooting film. Because I was shooting film, I decided to also shoot B&W, since everyone else was shooting color. I loaded up a roll of Tri-X, and her wedding present from me was 37 B&W pictures of her wedding and reception, negatives, and a lab scan of the negatives on CD. She really liked that these were B&W and so different from what everyone else was doing.

Ilford has a line of disposable cameras loaded with HP5+ and XP2 Super. You can get them from B&H for about a ten-spot.
Well, when I said that I was trying to be funny, besides, some of the people wouldn't know the quality difference. We do obviously.