As a student it's quite essential to have one and be in facebook. If not, may god help you making group essays and work!
Certainly smarthpones have pros and cons, it's a very useful tool just that it's dangerous to be "sucked by it". I read a complain on a local magazine written by a driver that almost ran over a mom with two children.
The fact is that the mom was crossing the street without looking and sucked by the phone, ignoring her children!

For a layman point of view, If I get OK quality, have it all the time and it's very easy to share. Of course it will be more used and better than a camera. You know, on most cameras you must take the files to a computer to be uploaded (!) us the kids don't do that anymore!
As of serious they must mean the ubiquitous Canikon DSLR's.

Might sound a bit satiric but it's not, that's the situation as I can see.

And of course, it won't replace at all any of my cameras. However, it documents quite a lot more because it's unwieldy to carry them daily (must buy a compact prime for the mirrorless) and very unconspicious while shooting.