General observation - smartphones are getting cameras into people's hands -those who probably didn't think they could afford one to document their daily lives earlier -which means the poorest also. (some Chinese sets dumped here sell for equivalent of 5USD - almost a meal at a decent restaurant)
As and when these folks upgrade -they'd definitely want a camera -whether P&S or DSLR.
I have seen the 'pull' of ' owning a DSLR' or the 'me-too' brigade being a lot firmer than advise on buying a camera that best suits the need - like Micro 4/3rds, for example.
So, even as Nokia touts their BS 41mpx camera, and people buy into it - I don't think smartphones will replace DSLR sales - in the emerging markets - for a while. Not till 2020. After that God knows what''ll happen!

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