So I had this concept for an art piece, to have uncut rolls of film on a light box. Lined up, the strips of film would form one image. Dandy idea. Except, I shot B&W negatives instead of slide, and a conversion effort (from negative to slide) proved to be futile. So I'm left with making a contact sheet to show the work.

Turns out that 29 rolls of film make for about 42x54" image on a contact print. I had to distribute the print between nine 16x20" sheets. Consequently, The film strips don't always line up correctly and somehow the density on the sheet sometimes varied (image 2).

1044.jpg 1044-2.jpg

Is there a trick to contact printing for such a large image?
What can I do to minimize the film strips from shifting from one sheet to the next?
Is there a way to scan a 135 film strip, in its entirety, from edge to edge sprocket marks and all? (ok, this part might be for another forum)