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I own a Cambo 6x12. Had it for at least 8 years. Never had a problem with it and it always worked flawlessly. The ability to swap from 4x5 to 6x12 by merely sliding in the appropriate holder is a great boon to my landscape photography. I also drew the 6x12 guide lines on the GG so it's great to see right away what framing may prove best in various shooting scenarios. It is a touch heavy for my wooden monorail camera so I support the rear standard with an empty prescription bottle.
Yeah it is really great, and it even came with a guideline screen even though the Toyota groundglass already has markings on it for 6 x 7 and 6 x 9, so I pretty much can follow where the area is.

Anyway it is really strange, I haven't been able to figure out where I can adjust things and afraid to mess it up I don't really want to damage it further, I really don't mind using sheets for most things, but I would like the option of using PanF+ as well as Velvia50 since neither of those come in sheet form. Also possibly Rollei IR 400 however the instructions to say that it is not okay to load IR film into this back, is a little warning about it, however I think it's honestly doing the dark and then simply close it should be fine?

All this would be awesome if the Darkside would actually go back in... Lol