[quote="Wayne Lorimer"][quote]...."Good" or "Bad" art - I think that to suggest that there isn't a qualification to be made drags everything down to a lowest common denominator - ........quote]

I wonder if the "Elvis on velvet" crowd judges the Mona Lisa to "drag" everything "down" to the "lowest" and "common" denominator. I suppose they don't even think about it and don't have to wait for their own Stieglitz or an art appreciation course to tell them how they feel about their art. But I'll bet they think Mona babe just doesn't look like much fun and wouldn't want that pickle puss looking down on them all the time.

I think there is good and bad art but I reject the notion that someone else or a group of someones have the right or authority to decree for everyone else what that is according to "their" latest fashion. Probably my notion of what is art is totally mistaken.