Holy Moly! This is one beauty of the project. Please tell us how did you take all of these shots? Did you shoot sequentially? Then how in the world did you make the model stand such a long time?

For the contact print, I would get a piece of clear glass (shower door, etc), tape the film to it, put paper on top of it, then 1-2in foam sheet, then plywood and slide everything into a vacuum seal bag like this: http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/stor...f-4/1016738735, seal with a vac, put up against a wall, take a portable flash and flash it at slightly different angles from some distance away. I have never done it though, so take it as a speculation on my part Please please please show us the final result!

Another alternative is to forget about evenness across the whole print. Do a bunch of contact prints onto say 8x10 sheets and intentionally vary exposure by some random amount. When there is variation across the print, it will look really cool.