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No Stone, I do agree with you that the newer zooms are utterly fantastic. I am certainly not 'putting down' these lenses but i wanted to remark that they, now, are amongst the cheapest in the used market. Honestly, maybe that is because they are so bulky and, in some cases, heavy. Certainly, those are formidable concerns, but, also the number of them in the used market adds to this price pressure. (All facets of a given product come into play here.)

von Hoegh: You have your reasons for not wanting zooms and those reasons might not conform to, or confirm, mine. I do like primes, usually better, but there is much to say about the real quality of these newer zooms. And the older ones were good too, if you knew the best focal length to use and were not too greedy with the faster aperture stops. - David Lyga
I think the poster above me made a comment about "catching soccer kids", I think this may have something to do with it, if you think about it the people that were buying a lot of the zooms back then were both professionals AND the everyday man, but all of the people relied on film to shoot everything, now most the people who are shooting film are shooting it because of its artistic quality and so the usefulness of zoom lenses for an artist who's working a lot slower and is more precise about getting a sharp image would rather have a prime than a zoom lens. The only people who are using zooms now, are mostly shooting Digital...

So it's not that there are more zoom lenses that exist in total in the world, it's just that the usefulness of the primes for people still shooting film means that they are holding onto those lenses but they are selling the zoom lenses that they don't need because that guy going to a soccer game has his Digital zoom rather than the film zoom.

I own a total of 2 Zoom lenses that are made for film, one of them was my fathers, and I never shoot with it, in fact I don't think I've ever used it maybe once when I was 13? I might consider using it for a party for fun if I wanted to shoot with film, but usually if I do that I use my autofocus film camera which attaches to my fancy zoom lens for digital, anyway, the other one I have is a 70-210 that was given to me by an antique shop they just couldn't get rid of them, the guy had all these different Canon lens parts and couldn't sell them for $10 a piece and had them for over two years so he handed me the basket and said "oh you're a photographer here take anything you want I just want to get rid of them" and I've also never use that lens, I took it because I thought hey that might be valuable and maybe I'll use it someday, but frankly it's probably never going to happen.

Anyway it's a thought they could be right it could be wrong, but I figured I'd mention it.