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von Hoegh: You have your reasons for not wanting zooms and those reasons might not conform to, or confirm, mine. I do like primes, usually better, but there is much to say about the real quality of these newer zooms. And the older ones were good too, if you knew the best focal length to use and were not too greedy with the faster aperture stops. - David Lyga
In 35mm, the range I most use is 35mm to 105mm; I never take action pictures, or pictures in any other situation where rapid framing/change of focal length is neccesary. Zooms have a max. aperture, size, and weight penalty, as well as the performance penalty. Show me a zoom which gives the same image quality as my Nikkor primes, with no weight or aperture penalty, and I might consider it. As of now, such a lens doesn't exist.