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If you get a 5L kit, liquid, then all the elaborate calculations above are not needed.
Use Developer as one shot, straight, mixed as per instructions in the box, at minimum stated of Jobo tanks (or any other you will use, though Jobo's are pretty economical), and you will still achieve the max capacity of the developer (if running 6 sheets at least per run).
Pretty sure that's not true. C41 dev capacity is 16 (Fuji) to 20 (Rollei) rolls per L, which is 64 to 80 sheets per L. The most efficient Jobo tank for 4x5 I think is the 3010 ($$$) which needs about 250mL per 10 sheets fully loaded. If you one-shot with that tank and the minimum fluid quantity, you're getting about half of the developer's rated capacity.

If you use 2509s, it's worse (6 sheets in ~300mL).

Seriously, reusing C41 developer is not a problem and does not cause consistency issues. I find it works nicely if I replenish it - I have a 1L working solution of Rollei and replenish it at 50mL per roll that goes through it. No time adjustment required and it's exactly the same process that pro labs use and for which the C41 process was designed. Just make sure you keep the working solution completely air-free in a good bottle between sessions and refrigerate it if it's going to be there for a while (more than a couple weeks). I've kept a Fuji working solution for 4mo in a fridge and it worked identically before & after (I did 3 identical test rolls to measure developer life).

You can reuse the bleach+fix about twice as much as the developer, so definitely don't one-shot those. Bleach is expensive! You can buy a Fuji 5L kits, use 1/2 or 1/3 of the bleach+fix, then just buy Rollei bulk developer (cheap) to use up your remaining bleach+fix capacity.