Well hello again,

I spent an hour there and got the enlarger working perfectly with the timer:

The Paterson PCS 1000 has a shutter mechanism built into the enlarger head (as informed here in the thread).

There was a locking switch at the back of the enlarger head which sprung it closed when switched. I verified the timer works perfectly with a stop-watch.

The enlarger isn't so dim when all the lights are turned off (I.e. Darkroom conditions silly me!)

I just tried a 35mm colour negative (I haven't developed the film yet from last week) in the holding tray and the PCS 1000 can enlarge up to 14" x 9.5"

All I need now are Ilford multigrade filters to insert into the 3" filter holder. The smallest available are 3.5" so I may trim them down. I seen others individually mounted in their own plastic mounts although I don't think these will fit in.

One thing that concerned me is that there are several small light leakages around the edges of the filter tray etc. I imagine this stray light although very tiny can reflect off me and the walls of the darkroom and could cause ruination of the photographic paper.

Even though I read the instructions from the Paterson micro focus finder I cannot understand how it works sitting on the easel. I focused the enlarger with my eye so it was in pretty good focus on the easel but I am lost as to how it works as the reflective mirror sits about 2" above the easel surface. I cannot find any YouTube instructions to solve this one!

I suppose I should now buy a good enlarger lens for it. A Nikkor EL 2.8 would be in order, an F4 would be quite difficult to focus with this enlarger as it has a CPL type bulb.

And finally: Regarding loading film in a changing bag, can you load it straight onto the reel directly from the film canister? I have seen the break it open method although isn't it difficult to avoid touching the film surface?

I have a few old films to practice with first.