I found this forum recently and thought it looked like something that i might enjoy. I have been in photography all my life. I got my first camera at age 5 and started in the business at a young age. I am now all digital using Nikon gear and printing on a Noritsu printer. I photograph HS seniors as well as kids and families. I also shoot school pictures, sports leagues, Proms etc.

I still have all my film cameras and recently have been trying to get them all up and running For 35mm i always used Nikons with the exception of one Leica. I also have a Canon but please don't spread that around For medium format I used several Twin lens cameras including C330 Mamiya and Yashica Mat124. I used my Koni Omega quite a bit. Towards the end of my film days i mostly used Bronica Etrsi.

I have no real plans to use film for customer work but really would like to start using my film cameras as an escape Still have the darkroom also!

Well anyway I think i will hang around here and see what happens. The name i choose for myself is a tribute to the Nikon F2AS, everything seems right with the world when I have one of them in my hands.

Thanks for letting me be part of this forum.