Brilliant polyglot, you are a star!

My proposed tempoary darkroom is under the stairs and is pure white! I'll do a rolling stones and paint it pure matt black. I'll also have to install electricity unless I run a socket from the installed lightswitch (illegal but I'm only running an enlarger of it and a safelight. The proposed darkroom is super small so it'll be a challenge! I'd like to use heater trays etc. which require proper current I will install a proper spur from the mains although I simply don't have any room (I can fit 2 bicycles and hang coats but that is it!)

I'll maybe try the dirty Rodenstock lens (I'm near sure you can't open it unless you have a link for this?) as It'll be good practice anyway! The 'beamed' negative looks OK but I'm sure it will show on paper!!!!

Brilliant explanation of the micro focus finder, that makes sense and I should have worked it out myself LOL

I can't set my Pentax cameras (2x ME Super's) to leave a film leader but don't worry I already have a leader retriever!

I'm really glad you can load straight from the cannister and I'll do chamfers etc.

As for the advice about wetting agent, would a couple of droplets per 500ml of water be sufficient?

Thanks again for your expertise!