Jonathan those ARE fantastic, really beautiful!

I wonder what my flower images will look like... excited!

Ned, the B&W ones are FP3000B ... that's three thousand. And I'm told you couldn't do this method with those, not sure why yet but I'm going to try, however I suspect it's because the negative gets totally burnt out from trying to expose at such a high ASA...

Bethe, I could have sworn you were the one who said that the color ones' negative was going to end up B&W ... but perhaps that was a misunderstanding and you were saying that you could only PRINT them in B&W because the color was too hard to print?

Curious what the negatives that I over or under exposed would look like, this one was done at the proper exposure (relatively) and seemed to scan OK after some tweaking though, my scanner software always auto-does it and with anything that's abnormal (like the pink streak from light refraction off the ANR glass) it totally throws it off. This was fun!