Interesting project !

Regarding the sample image, I cannot really imagine how exactly the shooting was orchestrated ! I mean, how did the OP succeed to shoot 1044 pictures of a single scene in the studio, with a 35mm camera, resulting (when combined side by side on a big print) in a normally looking perspective like if it was one single image shot with a normal (50mm) or similar lens... Theoretically, in order to shoot all those small fragments of the scene one should use a super-telephoto lens (something close to 2000mm) but then the perspective (and DOF) would be dramatically different than the one shown on the sample image !

Anyway, my personal view to this project is that it would be much more interesting to make an "imperfect" (but more interesting) collage of images that would maybe distort the global image created instead of doing such an impeccable view of the general shot. But this is just my opinion and the OP is of course free to decide what to do ! I will only mention that some years ago, I say the work of Tetsu Okuhara and was really impressed, this project brought it to my mind !! Okuhara puts together images shot from different angles in order to create a different perspective of real life images !