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By the way, that lens works very well at infinity, and due to the recessed front element it is somewhat self-shading.
E., there are people who disagree with you. Not me, my first Nikkor was a 50/1.4 bought new in March, '70. I got a 55/3.5 in September of that year, not long afterwards retired the 50/1.4 for everything except shooting at twilight.

But, y'know, neither Modern Photography nor Popular Photography ever published a review of the 55/3.5. I once asked Norman Rothschild why not. He told me that in PP's tests the 55/3.5 Micro Nikkor came out unacceptable at infinity at a couple of apertures. I think the problem was coma. PP had a policy of not annoying major advertisers by publishing negative reviews of their products, so never published that test. MP had a similar policy.