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Based on your experience and knowledge, what constitutes an ideal number of enlargers (and models, heads, etc) for a multi-format shooter (35, MF, LF) enlarging up to 20x24 in color and B&W, in a space that allows for up to three people to work comfortably? You can pick whatever you want. As long as we're creating the ideal, feel free to add your $.02 about sink size and quantity too. I've seen a lot of great setups in the darkroom portrait section and would like your thoughts on what you would do given the above circumstances.
Ideally, it is nice to have an enlarger set up for each format. Although most enlargers will do a variety of formats, switching and aligning lenses, changing condensers and film carriers and or light boxes can be fiddly and time consuming. Since enlargers are inexpensive, the number of enlargers one would have could be based on how much space is available in the darkroom.