The Cantax iia / iiia seems to be way under appreciated I see on the web where people compare contax to a leica m of course th leica M is a better camera But the contax iia/iiia were first made in the early 50s like my leica iiif I never found a contax iia/iiia not working sure they need lubrication and a cleaning and a meter might be dead. I have a leica iiif black dial made in 1951, This one has had the curtains replaced which is expensive to do and now its back in for service only after a few years this time it needs cleaned again and the flash contact no longer works my repairman said the insulating material between the sync has rotted away and can not be fixed. Older contax camera's II/III the the shutter tapes would break once repaired the camera would last along time between repairs. My 1951 contax iia black dial only needed a cleaning. I have the x flash attachment which works without a flaw I can't burn a hole through the metal shutter curtain film is easy to load the contax has a longer base focus length and only one window to compose and focus through. Whats nice you can buy a contax for much less then a leica. What I don't understand Is why accessories are so expensive for the contax. I have a working contax I version d or e with f2.8 tessar, contax iii with a dead meter but the camera works 2 contax IIa with opton sonar f2 and contax iiia with working meter sonar f1.5 all bought for pennies. My leica's on the other hand almost all has had a expensive major overhaul two leica iiif black dials has had curtains replaced one iiif red dial has had viewfinder work done every leica lens I owned had to be cleaned some have coating problems I had not had too many problems with my leica m3 Looking back I had less expense and trouble free operation with my contax cameras. I would like to hear from other contax user's good or bad