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Although I read the wide angle nikkors are made only for the nikon but depth of field is great enough not to notice the focus difference.
Right, same physical mount but slightly different dimensions for the focusing helical. The standard view is that it's close enough for anything wider than standard, though I suppose in a critical-focus application, wide open and close up, it still might matter.

I wonder what other lens brands are made for the contax?
Besides the modern Voigtlaender wides and the Kiev clones, I think they're all oddballs. There's a partial list at http://camerapedia.wikia.com/wiki/Co...efinder_lenses.

I actually have a Som Berthiot 28/3.3 Angulor in Contax mount; it may be a conversion job. I've never shot a lot with it, but it seems to be a decent lens. The Vade Mecum says it's some sort of variation on the Tessar design, IIRC.