I'm like some of you, got my first Hasselblad (503cx) earlier this year from Keh, as a 54 yo eyeglass wearer wanted to comment on the viewing. Even though I used a tlr for decades, I find the wlf harder to use on the Hass unless on a tripod. Maybe it's psychological, my tlr had no option other than wlf and the hassy has all these options. The mind plays tricks on you as you get older, and tricks on your bank account. The Wildi manual is a good reference if you can find one, I read up on stuff before purchasing.

Yesterday I took delivery of a chimney finder and pm5 prism (the non metered version). the chimney finder is pretty sweet, can take glasses off and it has built in diopter adjustment. The 45 deg prism finder has no built in diopter adjustment, but I understand you can add a corrective lens for that. I could have bought a pm45 with built in diopter adjustment, however it would not work for me it only goes to -2 and I'm more a -3. Plus the PM45 is 2-3x the price of the PM5. For me focusing through the pm5 is glasses on, similar to focusing through the wlf without the flip down magnifier... Just thought I would throw that out there.

Hopefully I'm "done" with Hasselbald purchases for a while, I do have the 50, 80, and 150 cf lenses all bay 60 filter. I did get a bay60-xmm adapter at fotodiox, about $10 so I can use my existing BW and polarizer filters.

Speaking of backs, KEH has had the hassy 35mm (a2035) back for sale for at least 8 months, but they want over $1,000. Good grief.