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I save these and bleach them with regular bleach. I have a bunch saved up, will try and see if I get the dried emulsion issue. They have no mask so printing in the darkroom is tricky but should be doable. The film base is rather thin and the emulsion is super fragile so it's hard to preserve the edges without some damage.
I was on another thread that was talking about masks, and so I am going to use the term mask again just to indicate a colortone on the background of the image on the negative, so for example a regular 35 mm color negative has an orange mask, these ones seem to have a pink mask, so you may have trouble when printing when it comes to getting accurate colortone because you won't be used to the pink mask instead of having the orange mask. But I don't print yet, I only scanned, so I can't really tell you what it will look like for you.

As far as the dots are concerned, I'm not sure if these natives actually have silver in them or not, but if they do, there's something about how the silver dries on Polaroid type films that causes them to look like that over time they come together, I'm not sure exactly what caused it other then humidity, and I'm told that if you keep them with some silica gel for a few months that that won't happen. At least it appears to be the same as the TIP films, the TIP films also especially in particular the black and whites get the same kind of clumping, if you don't leave them in a silica gel environment for about a month, if for any reason you take them out of this a look at gel it within the first month, then you end up with a black and white Polaroid that has clumping just like that.

Either way it's good to know that it's a great idea to wash off of the goop before putting them away for storage if you're not going to use them right away for bleaching, I think it's really neat how clear and beautiful the flowers are, way way better and more accurate of a colortone than mine, so now I want to shoot some normal ones and see what happens. I did a photo shoot today however that you test shots were nudes, very bad ones, because the model was moving around because I wasn't really shooting her to shoot her, and they look really silly and bad lol.

I'll have to try an older one.

I also shot a bunch of the black-and-white stuff, I was curious as to why people said that you can't use these negatives, and now I know why, they aren't clear they are a white bass, so I can see why it probably wouldn't work to scan them and definitely would work to print them, however I may try scanning them on the glass and see if I can then reverse them in Photoshop and if that image is better considering that I over blew the actual shots

They were for fun anyway, but it's always nice to be able to actually have something usable even from fun shots.