Since I have everybody here I've a question, okay so you know how you're supposed to keep the Polaroid film flat and not stand it up because the goo will slide to one side and get ruined and not expose properly, is that a permanent thing or just like an hour before the shoot kind of rule?

I can keeping my phone flat forever, however the ones that I transport in both my RZ67 and my Toyo 45a are a pain, because the way that they sit in my boxes are used pelican cases that is when I'm traveling with them in the car they are normally flat ready to be opened, but it home I would like to store them by storing them up right however the way that I have things configured especially with the RZ67 I can't really get it to go flat it would be on its side if I store it upwards which is how I'd like to store them for space-saving and ease of access reasons.

I've just reconfigured my toyo 45a so that I can easily open the lid switch the position assuming I don't have too many sheet holders in there, and then store it the proper way so at least there's that but I'd rather not have to bother doing any of that if it's possible to store them and not really have to think about all that which direction is it facing thing.

For the RZ67 I use them for fun artistic purposes for model shooting that's really the only thing I use them for and so I don't always need to store them because often I will use an entire pack for one shoot, however because they are so expensive, if the model isn't that great but I want to give her something to take home I'll shoot one or two, and have some left over. With the toyo45a I use them when I'm testing a shot that I'm going to shoot on transparency, which isn't very often, so I tend to store them for long periods of time maybe over the course of six months I'll go through a single pack.

Anyway what are you guys thoughts on this, is it possible to not have to pay attention so much to how my box is stored or is it really critical to do that I don't really want to test it out and then end up having a whole pack ruined so I just figured I ask first.