Great feedback everyone. I appreciate it.
Yes Nige, I intend to either permit them to be used simultaneously by family and friends, and in dedicated format mode when I'm working alone. I read a post by one photographer here that said they like to have the ability to leave a negative in an enlarger while they work on another to take a break from it for a while. That appeals to me.
I'm familiar with (and own a couple of) most of the enlargers mentioned so far except for the DeVere and any of the LPL models. So I read up on the LPL and see that there's primarily two differences between the 4550XLG and the 4500II, namely column height, baseboard size, and 50 watts of light. Other than those three things (still learning how to count) are there any differences in how they operate? The 4500II seems much better priced used these days. I like the idea of switching out a module instead of an entire head. Perhaps the difference is academic, but it seems like less effort.
As for sinks, if you use two, is one mostly covered and/or used as counter space?
Keep it coming people.