A older fellow photographer is closing up for good.

He told me to get rid of the his stuff, and dumped it here in my studio so to speak.
He bought nothing but top shelf stuff.... always Broncolor, Blads, Leica, Nikons, Canons.
Here is a set of Broncolor Impact 41's (3) and one 21.
Lots of extras look at the photos. Grids, reflectors, gels, and cords.
Cary case and the following soft goods.
Larson Starfish 52, and wafer box, both with Broncolor adapter plates.

All units tested recently and fired and recharged just fine.

I got f8 at 10' from the bare-bulb on the 41's at 10' in my open space.
Not knock your socks off power, but great for a smaller studio for table-top and portraits of 3 people or less.
They do have the funky euro 3/8" head attachment for stands. We have stands... shipping would be the issue with the stands as they are
heavy quad caster base photogenic stands.

Purchased new around 1995.
$835 shipped in the USA via ground service.