toyo 45CX modular 4x5 view camera

standard accordion bellows ( for 150mm + lenses )
standard balloon bellows ( for 65mm - 150mm lenses )
1 110x110mm standard toyo lensboard ( never been used )
1 110x110 ---> speed graphic lensboard adapter ( speed graphics are smaller, take up less room )
1 110x110m deep-recessed lensboard ( used with 65mm lens )

focus blocks replaced by Toyo at time of purchase

if you know Toyo, you know the balloon bellows, recessed lens board and adapter ( not sold anymore! ) cost a fortune when bought new
these are not aftermarket chinese but original toyo ..

Min. Extension 80mm w/flat lens board ( easily accommodate 65mm lens with recessed lens board )
Max. Extension 445mm
Weight 7.9lbs