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If your lens has a diamond textured rubber focussing ring, and is marked as you say, it is a 'K' version.
Not true. The K version is the black barrel lens that looks like an AI/AIS lens. The diamond pattern rubber focusing ring was used on zooms and certain primes, like the 55/3.5 Micro-Nikkor-P/PC, and the 180/2.8. Both of those lenses were chrome barrel, unlike the K version.

A Micro-Nikkor-PC: http://www.destoutz.ch/lens_55mm_f3.5_734997.html

A 55/3.5 Micro-Nikkor K version: http://www.destoutz.ch/lens_55mm_f3.5_910139.html

The compensating diaphragm 55/3.5's have a metal focusing ring usually marked with a distance scale in either meters or feet. Serial numbers are much lower, too, being below 300,000. As the helicoid is extended, the diaphragm slowly opens up.

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I just bought one of these the other day, coincidentally. The same version, too (pre-AI with the diamond grip). I was shocked at how lightweight it is--there's hardly any glass in the damned thing!

I bought mine for slide copying, but I'll definitely try it outside. I tend to marry myself to new lenses after acquiring them.
It's a great little lens. Slow for a normal lens, but it does the job quite well. Was what John Shaw used back in the 1970's through the early-mid '90s. Who knows, he may still have it today, even though I doubt he does much shooting with it, since he probably has current generation Nikkors that do the job.