Hi all!

This is simple yes or no question, but it may as well turn into one of those longer discussions.

I have this marvelous deadweight for years now, but I have some questions that should be answered in the original manual. Parameters, maintenance, adjusting autofocus, proposed arrangement of parts in the suitcase, since mine suitcase has no foam left. I just need to know the basic stuff, that's the important part.

I've seen UPA-5 manual already, and the design in most aspects differs a lot.

If there's any proud user of this particular enlarger, I'd be more, tan glad to hear any advice, like how she or he deals with light leaks, what types and formats of paper are being used, if the grain is sharp or not, what lightbulb should I use when the original, oddly-shaped tungsten one will break etc. I'm interested in all the odds, in all the guts of working with this tool, mostly how to avoid the errors and hidden traps. Also, I need a fair word about print quality, best if with examples, and if it's reasonable to even start tinkering wit this tank-like creature, or should I simply sell it and look for some other suitcase enlarger that would be up to standards.

I still have to get my hands on proper set of trays and multigrade filters, so it's nothing urgent.