M3 recent CLA - with 35mm Summaron and M3 eyes
-------User quality M3 ** SINGLE STROKE***
---repost of my closed thread with wrong title---

Just the facts --- I like SLR's best.

I ran some film in the past few months, it works nicely, exposures are even edge to edge.

With decent clean 35mm f3.5. Eyes have a scratch and it is visible in view/ but not too distracting.

Patch works great. Get a russian LTM for your 50mm .. I think Leica 50's are too expensive in any condition.

This is equipped with a quick load spool option... still cut the leader.
Photos tell the story and I point out all major blems.

Well used M3, did many tasks at the local camera shop (was a Leica dealer into the early 1980's)...
...... spent the last 2-decades on the copy stand.

Set in working order, just add strap and Tri-X.

$995.... shipped FED Ex ground on me.... unless you want it faster.

... I have pointed out many use/age marks in finish, this Leica has been making photos off and on since about 1958 and it shows.
CLA has it in shape for another useful decade.