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If we are talking the 1980's how about the cars I passed on like the 1965 Mustang for $500.00 that needed a front bumper, the 1969 383 Roadrunner for $900.00 that the used car salesman wouldn't let me drive because I was 19 and the 1967 Camaro for $2,000.00 with the rebuilt 327 and new paint.

If I had those cars today I could buy any lens I wanted!
Here's a deal I didn't pass up in '87 - a 1969 383 Roadrunner, the guy built a 440 with the intent to run it at the strip - 11.5;1 pistons, aluminum rods, a forged "Hank the Crank" crankshaft, lightened flywheel, Sig Erson cam, a sixpack, cool can, 8 quart pan, Lakewood scattershield, hemi 4 speed, Dana 60 rear axle. The car came with the original 383 block and original rear axle, for $1300. It had sat for almost 10 years, but had no rust and started as easily as an engine like that can be expected to. It idled at about 12-1300 rpm and was undriveable on the steet. I sold it for $3500 in '91 and bought a '64 XLCH Sportster, one of 1940 made that year - except for the gas, oil, tires and sparkplugs it was factory original.