Hey guys, I'm not sure this is the right form to put this in so mods please feel free to move it.

So I've been doing a lot more large-format photography lately, and a while back when they announced that Velvia 50 inch sheet would be discontinued I purchased the last remaining box at freestyle photo...

Anyway, as far as I understand it the only two films available in transparency from Fujifilm are Provia100f and Velvia100. All other films have been discontinued...

So my question is how come there's so much velvia100f out there? B&H hasn't had Velvia100 for a very long time, and when I called them to ask about it they said "well we have Velvia100f so you should just buy that" and I said well that's not the film I want I wanted different film they are completely different films.

Anyway this went back-and-forth a couple times and for some reason I couldn't quite get it through their thick skulls that the two films the being of a similar name would not same film. They said they refused to make any orders of the new stuff when they have so much of this other V100f in stock.

Freestyle also has a ton of V100f but they do have Velvia100 as well, but it's almost $10 more to buy from freestyle

I know that Fuji decided to discontinue Velvia100f because they had to choose one over the other and this one didn't sell as well, but is it really that bad?

I don't really want to buy into a film that is no longer going to be produced and only have a limited supply of it, but there's just so much of it in the world I'm just wondering how different it two are?

I shot a few rolls of both, however I haven't shot enough to really get a handle on the different characteristics and lighting conditions, I recall someone saying that the 100 version is better with reciprocity failure etc., ? and of course the 100 F is a finer grain but I don't know as far as color saturation how they differ.

Anyone want to share their thoughts or knowledge about this? Thanks.