YNA-6E, N shaped oddly, so I reckon it's P, and whole name is UPA-6E. Russian H is latin N FWIK.

Lens is marked N50Y, so it becomes I50U (another kind of N letter ), meaning it's Industar, well-respected lens indeed. If it's good enough, I guess I have one thing less to worry about. At least two of the elements are coated with purple tint on a coated element, M39 mount, no stops on aperture ring and it looks like a funnel.

Whole upper body design is totally different, than UPA-5. It's heavy, cast, cubical, big chunk, painted with grayish paint. Closer to UPA-603, but the set of accessories is different - timer and lamp are different, the body and the suitcase seems the same though.
Here's 603 model, possibly incomplete:

I'm able to get 18x28cm print size without using provided 45 deg. mirror or swinging the head, so maximum magnification seems to be lower, than 8x, that UPA-5 manual states, and it's a tiny bit below what I'd be happy with (10x). But with a mirror, who knows... Also, there is one more negative frame, than what UPA-5 manual says - I have four.
Light leaks are horrific, but, I hope, manageable.

Thanks guys!