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Here's a deal I didn't pass up in '87 - a 1969 383 Roadrunner, the guy built a 440 with the intent to run it at the strip - 11.5;1 pistons, aluminum rods, a forged "Hank the Crank" crankshaft, lightened flywheel, Sig Erson cam, a sixpack, cool can, 8 quart pan, Lakewood scattershield, hemi 4 speed, Dana 60 rear axle. The car came with the original 383 block and original rear axle, for $1300. It had sat for almost 10 years, but had no rust and started as easily as an engine like that can be expected to. It idled at about 12-1300 rpm and was undriveable on the steet. I sold it for $3500 in '91 and bought a '64 XLCH Sportster, one of 1940 made that year - except for the gas, oil, tires and sparkplugs it was factory original.
Wow! What a deal and what a car!

I did own a 1973 Dodge Charger Rally Sport with 340 Magnum, bubble hood with factory hood pins, 3 speed automatic with slap stick. Being at the end of the muscle car era, they didn't make very many of them.

You see what those old Mopars are going for at auction today? It's wild!