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Wow! What a deal and what a car!

I did own a 1973 Dodge Charger Rally Sport with 340 Magnum, bubble hood with factory hood pins, 3 speed automatic with slap stick. Being at the end of the muscle car era, they didn't make very many of them.

You see what those old Mopars are going for at auction today? It's wild!
Yeah, you could shift at 6500rpm. Or pass someone at 100mph, slam it from 3rd to 4th, and go by with the wheels smoking. Drive it in traffic, and you'd be grinding it over to the curb in 1st gear on the starter to let it cool so you could change plugs. As W.O. Bentley once said, "there's no replacement for displacement".
I still have enough bits and pieces to put together a 413. It would be nice to have in say a '66 2 door Coronet or Belvedere to show the kiddies a thing or two about tourque.