I thought that Fuji discontinued only Velvia 50 and Astia 100, not Velvia 100F, but in all cases, i still don't have a final judgment about velvia 100F, i did shoot 2 sheets of velvia 100F and it was just fine, not that much great and not that bad too, i also bought loads of Velvia 50 and stored them for future just in case it may get discontinued and my expectation was right, so i have 100 or 120 sheets which is more than enough if i don't shoot LF much yet, i can always use Velvia 100 and Velvia 100F for test until the time come where i can use that velvia 50 for very important serious shot.

Meanwhile, i can use velvia on 120 format without any worry, i did shoot velvia 50 and velvia 100 and velvia 100F, my best so far was from velvia 100F, so i can't tell if that is true with LF as well, but if i know how to use velvia 50 properly or correctly then it may remain my best favorite slide film, you have to shoot more sheets of velvia 100 and velvia 100F to tell the difference and favor one over the other, you may prefer velvia 100 more but some others may go with velvia 100F more, and Fuji stated that Velvia 100F is a new generation or new improvement of Velvia 100, so how come they produce it and keep selling it if it is the weakest link here?