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Well, someone is going to be disapointed in Henry's, but it sure wasn't me. Last friday I went in to order my new d****l body. It's still new, and I was expecting a couple of weeks wait for it. Part way through the order process, the salesman says "Would you like to leave the store with one today?" Huh? Sure! How?!

Apparently someone had ordered one from that store but not picked it up in four days, and to meet demand they were going to send it to Toronto to be shipped off to the next in line. However, the salesman would rather save the trouble and sell it from his store - to me. and so I walked out of there happy as a clam with my new toy.

Lesson of the day: if you order a high demand item, pick it up!
So you're happy, and frankly so would I be, but the guy who was truly next in line got shafted and still has to wait when it should have been his. Not sure I like this business practice...