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Value judgements can, and should be made about all things all the time."
Interesting. Why???
Why not???? To not even consider value judgments about most things would therefore make most things value-less, wouldn't it? And unfortunately, with todays post-modern slant on art, where everything is simply open to any interpretation, isn't that what we've got? Valueless art?
We make choices all of the time about inherent qualities in things that make them 'better' than other things - and why not??? [/quote]

Do you actually think that I hold so much power that my refusal to make "value" judgements will "drag" down the value of any piece of art to the point where ALL art is valueless?

There is a *reason* that I will NOT judge art to a scale of values ... I cannot think of a way that is coherent. I *could* "go with the flow"... what parameters would appear to be best to you? The work follows "accepted rules of composition"? What about "Fine grain, with lots of tonal separation? "... Possibly, "Everything in sharp focus"?

What "judging criteria" do you suggest? ... that is uniformly applicable, that is completely objective (or should we allow foir the vagaries of human frailty and bias - but wouldn't that destroy coherence?).

One aternative is even more frightening ... we mindlessly accept the judgement of "those who are well versed in art".., BUT -- those are the only ones that fit the mold of the ELITE.

Speaking of "coherence" ... I recently entered a "juried competition? ... the judge wrote the reason for selecting the photograph that won ... brace yourself ... "This photograph was easily `best' because it did not lose much detail in enlarging." Somehow, I, and a few of the others, were not exactly heartbroken...

How on earth can anyone, in good conscience, claim that a photograph by Ansel Adams had a higher value that one by Phillipe Halsman, or Cartier-Bresson, or Imogene Cunningham? We could go to the price records of the market ... but, to me, that is the worst imaginable "judging system", by far.

So, no ... I will open myself to the photograph - or any other art... and without any concern for dollar value, experience the work. I wil not feel any guilt over the fact that my action will "derag the work down". It won't.