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Love my 50/1.5 Sonnar, it's a pretty late one. Really nice signature on my IIa:

I found an old pre-war 50/2 Sonnar too. Not used much yet but it looks uncoated. Should be fun to see what I get from it. And compare to my 50/1.5 Summarit which is also old and pre-war. Use that on my IIIf.
I had a couple Summarits, mine were very clean. They were a bit 'weird' wide open, but withal a good example of the double Gauss type. AFAIK, the Summarits were all coated postwar examples of the prewar uncoated Xenon which was actually made for Leitz by Schneider and a real handful as regards flare.
My prewar f:2 Sonnar was pretty well behaved, use it with a good shade and I bet you'll really like it.
The f:1.5 version is somewhat of an anomaly, actually being regarded as better than it's slower sibling!

I think the old Sonnars are aptly named, there's something bright and cheerful about them. I see this in my J-8 as well.