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This is really nice, I would steal a bank to get same quality from my Sonnar 40mm. Honestly talking , I left photography for 10 years because I had no Leica and than I bought Leica Mini Zoom. Its extremelly costly to pay the postage fees for Pyro , HC110 and Tri X and I bought an Bolex camera with 2500 frames for 11 dollars. There are few suppliers of film for that camera and I am still looking for film.

pstake ,

I think this is similar to what I got from Sonnar. We accept that Richard made it.

But you will find more details at the horizon with Leica, Richard and less grain. And rendition of Leica would pop up the details even more on bridge. Your image is in my mind as all other good zeiss pictures. You will have less contrast - Zeiss looks like cyan separation newspaper print- but more romantic feel.

I'm not positive but I believe Rich's photo was taken at a smaller aperture. I would guess F8 or F11.

That makes a significant difference in sharpness, and both Sonnars perform exceptionally at that aperture.

The Sonnar's signature, to me, is the way it draws extremely sharp photos stopped down and draws the creamy, impressionistic out-of-focus areas at wide apertures.

Makes it such a versatile lens you can take it anywhere. And attached to a Contax, a real pleasure to use.