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Slightly off topic. But here are two Velvia 50's taken on the same roll at the same exposure. Both processed through a scanner for internet display. So which is the real RVP color?


Alan, both very beautiful images, obviously the one that is more zoomed in is the color I'm thinking. Question, did you use the filter on one and not on the other?

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It's a shame any way you look at it but velvia 100 (I mean red velvia 100) only had one advantage over rvp, speed. The red shadows and how it renders red subjects like pine park, lead me to use it only when necessary. Correctable in scanning, I but that doesn't make it acceptable. They should have fixed before they ever released it. I only shot one roll of 100f and that was enough, I just didn't like it compared to rvp.
Well by reading the data sheet, it indicates that there some kind of special color filter in order to prevent a lot of the bad saturation colors, perhaps that's the one for preventing read? They seem to only suggest using it when you're shooting long exposures, but I definitely don't have one of those filters, do you?