Great ideas in there! Thanks for sharing that. I took a look at your website as well, some very fine work. =)

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I always take the disposable plastic shower caps from hotels. Great for covering a 4x5 folder in the rain. And, free...
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I used to use those to cover the large end of motion picture lenses between setups in dusty locations. One time the cinematographer thought the scene looked good with it on so we shot the rest of the day that way.
Good idea and cool story, Bill.

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This is quite eye opening. My (very different/strange) workflow is such that I never have to carry much at one time so it never really occurred to me how much "stuff" most of us actually have. I don't know how I would manage to keep it all organized in a portable way.
So let's hear about this very different/strange workflow.

I suppose my kit sounds like quite a bit but it all packs into the F64 backpack with a little extra room and I have a specific spot for everything so I can access anything I need in a moment.

I forgot to add, I also carry a Toyo 3.6x loupe in a little fitted neoprene case my girl found for it somewhere and small blue tarp to set the pack down on mud if necessary. Still gotta add that level I lost... needed it the last time I was shooting 4x5. I'm going to stop at the hardware store tonight, I need a mouse trap too, unfortunately.

Also, what I love about my Harrison Classic darkcloth is the the shiny silver side acts as a great reflector PLUS it's waterproof so if it starts raining once I've set up (but before I expose my film) I will sometimes wrap the camera in it and wait it out. The F64 pack has one of those fold out rain covers which is nice if it starts pouring during a hike.