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I had bought from ultra fine but just found out my recent batch of 120 film has been fogged in some way that has migrated the film numbers and dots from the paper backing onto the film! When I called to complain an ignorant and rude support person told me too bad. They refuse to do anything about it. Dubious quality film and a rude support staff. Never again!

That's why I said in a different thread that they should come clean and sell this junk at a very big discount just to get rid of it. This is the kind of thing that really pisses me of with certain companies. They know this stuff is junk and they expect you to buy it and be happy. They should advertise it as "Just for testing only"! At this rate I'd have to say, "Junk film from a Junk Company". Pass the word since that's the only way you'll get jerks like this to straighten up and fly right. JohnW