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I think you are right because the shadow areas show more detail in the wide angle shot. So the details had to be there in the original. I probably added more contrast and saturation to the zoomed in picture. Of course this raises a point. If you not printing chemically, and why would you nother using chromes in that case, then the opriginal colors can change anyway once you scan and adjust. So what matter which Velvia version you select?

Thnaks Stone for your comments too. Alan.
Hey Alan,

I think it's because I like to have some sort of truth in my image, I don't use Photoshop, and I don't understand how to manipulate images in that way, I do know that I like the image to appear the way it is on film on the screen, with chrome's I can look at the image and make sure that the scan matches the actual chrome on a lightboard that's in front of me. Also there's sort of this I don't know how to explain it but it's a look, I can usually spot a chrome over some other version of an image simply because of the special look, I think it's the way the black drops off in the shadows and gives a sort of definitive line to areas of the image almost like a drawing when the artist from say a comic book, has to outline things with a black ink first.

I also like the saturation, I tend to personally do a lot of long exposure work with my chrome's, and in that situation I have not found a way to duplicate the kind of saturation that I get with a chrome in digital form without it looking really poor.

I also certainly can't get the same look with C-41 film, not even EKTAR100 will match my chrome images, and I've only seen one image made by Polyglot on Ektar100 that ever matched the kind of look I enjoy with film.

Because I don't print optically, at least not yet, I enjoy shooting the crumbs and then scanning them much better than I do shooting color negative film and then scanning that.

Perhaps someday when I start to print optically, I'll regret not having the originals on a different type of film, but I just love the results I get, and the power of looking at the images on a light box.

I started to consider maybe switching some of my smaller format onto C-41 but still shooting the large-format chromes, there's nothing like seeing a 4 x 5 color chrome on the lightbox is just so amazingly powerful!