Depending on the 8x10 camera you end up with, you could just reverse the process and create some sort of setup that will relatively quickly and easily mount the camera for use as it's own horizontal enlarger.

Much earlier in photography I think that was the norm. If one owned only a single lens, that lens did double-duty as both the taking lens and as the projecting lens. One advantage to this was that lens abberations often canceled out. For instance, if the lens had a noticeable edge falloff, this would automatically be compensated for when the direction of the image through it was reversed. However, today I would simply equip such a setup with a more modern enlarging lens.

The biggest problem would be in creating an even, non-leaking light source on the back of the camera. And maybe some sort of negative holder. But that's not something that others haven't already successfully tackled, I would imagine. I have noticed that once in a while various 8x10 light sources (Aristo, etc.) do come up on the ugly auction site for relatively reasonable prices.

Back in the heyday of handheld 4x5 press cameras, the Graflarger attachment worked using this principle.