Hey everyone!

After 2+ years of lurking, I have finally saddled up, purchased a membership and posting my first post ever on APUG. 4 months ago I finally made the jump, sold my 5D, all my digital gear - and I'm now shooting with a Mamiya 7ii + Fuji G617, although I am wishing for something a little more portable these days...

This forum has been a wealth of information and I feel like I am just scratching the surface of pure photography. I'm really excited to continue learning the history, techniques, conceptual and philosophical aspects of this world. Being a young 28 years old I feel, I'm excited to learn so please, feel free to recommend books, artists, techniques, anything!

You can check out most of my older work which is a cross between digital/film at www.joebusy.com - but I plan on taking down the site in a few months and putting up all new projects / film based experiments and such.

Thank you all for the wealth of info and I could not be more excited to start uploading to the gallery and learning all the other perks of being a subscriber! Cheers!