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Out here 75 or so miles east of L.A., it's not sunny today! It's overcast and 60F. However, yesterday it was 91F and gorgeously clear.

The thing about California's climate is that it depends on where you are. In summer here locally, I can go from 120 degrees in the desert to 80 degrees in the mountains in a half an hour. And Death Valley might be close to 130 degrees at the same time that in Eureka way up north, it's 55 degrees and foggy, and in Redding 80 air miles to the east of Eureka it's 115. Having lived in many different parts of my native state, I can say that there are as many different climates as there topographies. And there are lots of topographies. Even the desert varies a lot. In winter, the low desert very rarely has any frost, while snow and temperatures well below freezing are common in the high desert.
Where I live now, we have four seasons- warm, hot, warm, and cool.

Oh, and welcome, joebusy!
VERY true - every area is completely different, hence why I like Los Angeles because of the micro climate we have here. I would love to end up in Nor Cal some day though. Thanks for the welcome!

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When can I move in?
If you're ever in town you have a friend! BTW , love you're alternative process stuff! I just picked up Christopher James's book - trying to decide which process I want to experiment with first. I'm really drawn to gum bichromate x cyanotype - I just need to figure out how to make digital negatives! (QTR?) - such cool stuff though!