Contact prints from 8x10 negatives are amazing. And the equipment needed is so darned simple. You might consider this option, at least just to get started in that format.

I use the 18x23x1-inch neoprene pad from my dry mount press, flipped over (black side up, yellow felt side down), as the underside support beneath my 4x5 enlarger. I place the negative/paper sandwich on top of that, then cover the sandwich with a 1/4-inch thick 18x23-inch heavy sheet of glass. The glass was cut and edge-beveled for safety by a local glass shop for just this purpose.

The glass has a very, very light coating of clear hair spray applied to the side in contact with the negative. This provides a poor-man's anti-Newton ring capability that works perfectly. The offset space provided by the microscopic dried dots of spray are all that is needed to break up the rings. The dots do not show on the prints.

Before exposure I routinely use a clean hand towel to bear down on the glass as I wipe away any smudges. This has the effect of gently "clamping" the sandwich together. Then I expose.

That's it. The prints are (technically, at least) gorgeous.