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@ hoffy,
I understand your point. I may not seem that way here sometime...but I don't act like a big wizard on set on swoon over my photos.
Like this guy did, sure I get excited about an image, but with carful planning you can capture about anything in controlled situations like this.
Real world budgets wouldn't allow for this. See may note on previous post about why White Lightning units are so affordable.
And in the end check out this guys work... real amazing and truly hurculean effort on
---ONE SHEET OF FILM in most cases.

I'm a full time pro of about 30 years and my client's budgets don't leave enough room on the table to even think about a ProPhoto outfit of 4 heads and two
power units.... (Iv'e price them, and saved the difference on equipment outlay to provide for my family)
The set up with batteries and the jet was to sell flash and camera (A new Blad system and back cost 6x what I have in my current daily ride).
I totally get where the vid was going. Blind freddy could see that.

And to be honest, I wasn't implying what you have shown above and your comments as being higher then mighty (please teach me! High speed strobe photography is pretty cool).