I swear I'm working on mine--I was in test print mode last weekend, and it's supposed to rain this weekend.

I'd have been done long ago, but Sly beat me to it with her wonderful HIE IR image, so I have to save mine for later. Trying 5x7 Delta 100 this time. The first test took 14 minutes to BEGIN to bring up an image in Lodima Contact paper, so I guess maybe the image was a little over-exposed ...

Found ONE LAST ROLL of HIE IR in the freezer last week!!

MJS -- "Be The Art" -- love it, but would love it better in color! She looks just like an Indiana girlfriend I had at Purdue in '70. Fond memories of friends and fun.
Anikin -- "Taipei Night Market Delight" -- I don't know how you guys do the color. My hat's off to you I can only barely manage the B&W ...
Jim17x -- "Being Followed" -- I know you have to be in the right place at the right time with the right setup, but I'd really liked it if the mirror almost filled the frame. there was too much distraction with the other car and trees and sidewalk. Well caught, tho, if you were driving and one handed it!
Sly--'Evening at the Cardboard House' -- Very very nice. I plan to use mine in the spring in the Smokiess, and i'm waiting for those cool green spring leaves snfpslr flowers.
PUI58--'Steib's Hof is verynice . I rememeber places like that in London, but ornate
Darwin--"Krishna" -- The what is it and what is it doing? My mind tells me it's the image of a down-and-out
peter -- Downtown LA Game Arcade--I'll bet the guy never knew you were there.