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Great ideas in there! Thanks for sharing that. I took a look at your website as well, some very fine work. =) ...

Thanks for the kind words.

At second glance, my list seems really long. However, I carry all that stuff around along with wooden folder, five lenses, meter, filters, and filmholders and hardly notice. The accessories are not really very bulky or heavy and fit in various pockets in my photo vest, which often remain unopened for months at a time

In another thread one poster mentioned that he had a cloth tape measure sewn into the edge of his darkcloth for measuring bellows extension. Great idea.
My darkcloth is homemade; white Gore-Tex on the outside, black non-slip material on the inside. It has saved my camera from a few crashing breakers at the coast and kept me and my pack dry on rainy days as well.

As for packs: I prefer a lumbar pack with an additional shoulder strap. Then I can just unbuckle the hip belt and swing my pack around to my side and work out of it like a shoulder bag when setting up. The only thing that ever touches the ground when I work are the feet of my tripod (and my shoe soles, of course).

@ROL: Love the giraffe! I'll look for it on the trail.