Hi Guys!

Sorry to sound stupid but I've recently came across the idea of shooting motion picture film on 35mm cameras and have been fascinated by it.

One good point is that motion picture film seems cheaper.

I am planning to get a bulk loader but it usually only comes in 100ft - so how do i actually split the 400 ft of film into 4 x 100 ft?

I've not gotten hold of a bulk loader before but i don't suppose these come with loading reels inside, as i'm under the impression most 100ft rolls (such as ilford bulk rolls) comes with the film and the spool, you merely chuck it inside and start loading.

If i want to pull the film straight from the 400ft roll, is there anything i can do to help myself count and prevent myself from making an absolute mess of the film - especially if it unravels? I'm not quite sure how to unspool the 400ft of film into smaller reels while maintaining the tension of the film, and also being accurate with it's length as i am not sure if bulk loaders can hold more than the stipulated 100 ft.

I apologise if i sound amateurish but i'm truly facing a dilemma and i hope some wise brothers here can help me out with my predicament.

Many many thanks.